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Welcome to the new
Eyewear Protection Plan website!

This will be your one stop shop for all things Eyewear Protection Plan related. As you can see from the tabs above, we will be providing you information on a variety of topics.

Resources - This page will provide you with links to helpful information on basic EPP program information and FAQs

What's New? - This page will provide you with information about any changes to the Eyewear Protection Plan and/or program updates

Coaches' Corner – Will provide you with best practices received from field leaders in regions with the highest success rates that will help you best address the Eyewear Protection Plan with your customers.

Incentives - This page will show you information on the current Eyewear Protection Plan incentives

Recognition - This page will celebrate our success! Recognize those who won an EPP Incentive and provide a space for teams to "shout out" and recognize others

Contact - This page will tell you who to contact for what

Our mission is to give you all the tools you will need to learn about Eyewear Protection Plan, educate your customers on Eyewear Protection Plan and drive Eyewear Protection Plan sales!

Eyewear Protection Plan Management Team